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Hot Sheep NEWS! No Animals were harmed in the making of this website! Turned down by two cows he went after the sheep! Jury Told to quit Laughing!

Yep that's right, and here's all the relevant links to this mans story. The Jury was told

"I well understand that there are aspects of it [this case] that are unusual and amusing," said Judge James Patrick.

"If you do find the case particularly funny, if you can try to get over your laughter over lunch that would be great," he added.

FULL STORY at the Huffington Post

What was he thinking?

Lovell said he had been sleeping (out in a field mind you) and the suggestion that he had thrust himself against sheep was "completely ridiculous".

He told the court: "The only time that I saw the sheep was when I woke up... I was surrounded by sheep about two metres away, about 10-12 sheep, something like that.

"I don't particularly like animals hanging around me when I am sleeping so I sat up and sort of clapped my hands a bit but they didn't take much notice of that so I stood up briefly and stamped my feet on the ground and clapped my hands again.

"I can understand that somebody from a long distance away would have wondered what was happening when I was trying to chase the sheep away from my location."

But police claimed when they arrived Lovell had his shorts down, and prosecutor Richard Hutchinson insisted Lovell was "interested sexually" in the farmyard animals.

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